Mónika Müller interior designer

Mónika Müller interior designer designs elegant, functional, well-thought-out interiors in every element, with decades of experience tailored to the needs of customers. In her downtown Budapest salon, she offers a personal selection of furniture, textiles, wallpapers, accessories, and home decoration to create a stylish home.

A home reveals a lot about its occupant. Just as the grouping of room functions gives an insight into life habits, so does the colors used, the nature of the furniture, and the totality of the objects chosen paint a complex yet subtly nuanced picture of the owner. Mónika Müller, a well-known interior designer with decades of experience and a team of designers, provides expert assistance in realizing this.

Mónika Müller's style is defined by feminine, elegant, restrained, but at the same time characteristic and immediately recognizable features. The sensitively drawn interiors are inviting with a subtle broken color palette, their furnishings are timeless-looking, spiced with extravagant accessories. Mónika places an exceptional emphasis on quality raw materials, prefers to use dark woods, leather, wool, soft-crumbling silk, enjoys playing by mixing matte and glossy surfaces with exciting textures. Her approach is characterized by a kind of haute couture minimalism, the stylish overall image of which sometimes shows inspiration from Asian interior, art, or even art-deco. The interiors she designs are elegant and functional, well thought out down to the smallest detail, and tailored to the needs of the customers in every element.

Mónika Müller has not only created a special universe as a designer, but she also owns a salon where you can buy the furniture and accessories for your home. The personally selected collection includes sofas, armchairs, beds, dining furniture, tables, textiles, and home furnishings. The offer consists of pieces that can be combined well with each other, so complete interiors can also be furnished from the salon, and an already furnished space can also be enriched with a new trendy piece.

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